Kent Wisner is an American photographic artist. Raised as an only child of a widowed working mother, his formal education is in foreign languages, international relations and law. Wisner's images are expressions of curiosity about the precarity of life's journey, and the attempt to find pathways and order amidst uncertainty.  Most often these themes are manifest in landscapes, still life, and figurative subject matter. His work has appeared in a variety of American galleries, magazines and books, and has received awards in international juried photo competitions. Wisner currently lives in Malta.

Artist Statement:

I see life's journey as a series of precarious alliances between light and dark, chaos and order, and the fleeting and the permanent. I use photography both as a conscious chronicle of experience and an illumination of subtext. I have traveled around the world in my life, seeking to expand my sense of possibility from a somewhat solitary and localized latch-key upbringing. I've used this travel to make decorative images and to create contemplative work about intention competing with randomness, what is found and what is constructed in life. As travel ceased in the wake of a global pandemic, I explored the world in my literal and figurative backyard in greater depth.


I learned to print analog photographs before I learned to operate a camera. My first darkroom experience rang a bell I still hear today, even in digital capture and editing methods. While I enjoy presenting my work as projected images on line, the physical print is where I see colors come alive and shadows present their mystery. I print using archival color and Platinum/Palladium monochrome processes to leave behind more permanent traces.

Current Projects

Horizon Lines are frames of expanded possibility.  The landscape is undeniably real, but it can also conjure Imaginary Kingdoms from memory or fantasy.  Geologic Scale is vast in terms of size and time compared to the lives of humans, but is the human response to accept geology's stoicism by adaptation or to mine the material and accelerate erosion?  Geometry is both an objective description of observed patterns and a way to organize what I see—do I simply find geometry in the world, or do I compose with it as a weapon to battle against my own subliminal fraught anarchy?  People live daily, finding Pathways amidst the forces of stasis and change.

Gallery Exhibitions

Monochrome 2022, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (May 2022)

The Magic of Light, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, selected by juror      Ann Jastrab, for Online Exhibition (March 2022).  

Black and White 2022, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR (February 2022)

INPrint Group Show, Photo Methode Gallery, Austin TX (2017)

Grotteschi | Exploring Hieronymus Bosch, Carmel Visual Arts Center (2015)

Stories and Secrets, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, selected by jurors    Kirsten Hoving and Emma Powell, for Online Exhibition (2015) 

Picturish Gallery, Berkeley, CA (2011)

SomArts Gallery, San Francisco (2009)

ArtistXchange Gallery, San Francisco

CityArt Gallery, San Francisco

Hotel des Arts, San Francisco

START/Soma Gallery, San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall

SF Black & White Gallery, San Francisco


7x7 Magazine, November 2003, as the overall winner of the Bring on the Night photo competition.

Best of Photography Annual for 2006, 2007, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018


2021 International Color Awards, 2 Nominations, one each in Nature and Architecture categories

2021 Black & White Spider Awards, 3 Nominee Awards, one each in Fine Art, Architectural and Aerial Categories

2021 PX3 Prix de la Photographie PX3, 2 Honorable Mentions in Press/Travel/Tourism, Professional Category

2019 International Color Awards, Nomination, Nude, Disruptive I

2018 Black & White Spider Awards, 1st Place Abstract Category

2018 International Color Awards, 3rd Place Honor of Distinction, Nude, and 2 Nominations, in Nature and Abstract Categories

2017 Black & White Spider Awards Honorable Mention Nude, and Nominee Abstract Categories

2016 Black & White Spider Awards Honorable Mention Nude, and Nominee in Nude, Nature and Architectural Categories

2016 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Honorable Mention in Fine Art Nude Category

2016 International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, CA, Honorable Mentions in Nature (Sunset), Fine Art (Landscape) and Fine Art (Other) categories

2016 International Color Awards: Nominee in Silhouette | Silhouette on Mt Etna

2015 Black & White Spider Awards Nominee in Fine Art

2015 International Photography Awards 6 Honorable Mentions in Fine Art Nudes and 1 Honorable Mention in Still Life

2015 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Honorable Mention in Nature/Sky and Travel Categories.

2015 International Color Awards:  3rd Place - Honor of Distinction in Still Life | Precarious and Nominee in Still Life | Purples  

2011, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, 1 Honorable Mention Award, and several Official Selections, in the Fine Art category, non-professional

2008 International Photography Awards competition, Los Angeles, CA, 1 Honorable Mention Award, in the category of Travel/Tourism.

2008 Prix de Photographie Paris, 3 Honorable Mentions in the Fine Art category, non-professional

2006 International Photography Awards competition, Los Angeles, CA, 6 Honorable Mention Awards, in the categories of abstract, interiors, still life, self-portrait, and portrait (twice).

2005 International Photography Awards competition, Los Angeles, CA, 3 Honorable Mention Awards, in the categories of fine art nude (twice) and portrait.

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